On the Subject of Perseverance – The Minnesota Vikings and Your Blog

I am a Minnesota boy, but I do not live and die by the success and failure of the Minnesota Vikings. I can’t remember the last time I referred to the team as “we”. But I do like to see them win.

In my life, I have watched the Vikings get within a game of the Super Bowl only to lose five times. Three of those games came down to the very end. That would take a lot out of most fans.

As a kid watching with my dad and my older brother, I saw them lose the Conference Championship on a last-second dropped pass against the Washington Redskins.

In Community College I sat with my three roommates and watched them lose to the Atlanta Falcons when kicker Gary Anderson who’d not missed a kick all season…missed a kick.

Two years later I was alone when they took on the New York Giants for the title. At some point early in the game I drifted off to sleep, waking up to find the Vikings down 41-0 late in the game, which is how it ended.

In 2010, I probably mortified my wife the way I paced around the living room as they lost a gut-wrenching back and forth game against the New Orleans Saints.

In 2018 my wife would not even stay in the room with me when the Vikings took on the Philadelphia Eagles for the championship. Which was probably good because they got spanked almost as bad as they had against the Giants.

So yeah…0-for-5. They are actually 0-for-6 in NFC Championships all-time. They lost another one before my time. And they have made the Super Bowl four times. Also before I was around. Oh, guess what. They lost all of those too.

For now, they are a team known for these “failures.” I don’t know how far they will go in this year’s playoffs but I do know that when they do finally win the Super Bowl, these six conference championship games, and four Super Bowl appearances will suddenly loom large in their legend. They will become recognized as part of the team’s “tradition of excellence.”

So I guess what I’m getting at is if you are blogging and it doesn’t seem like it is getting anywhere, it will. I know this. This is the fourth blog I’ve started and I remember wondering when it was going to take off.

And then it would take off.

Maybe all the Minnesota Vikings’ timely losing didn’t get to me too much because I have never been a die-hard fan. In that case, it did me good to be a bit detached. When it comes to marketing your business, though I suppose a little detachment is healthy, you certainly should care what happens a lot more than you do about your favorite football team.

It will take off. But even before it does, the people who are really looking for the content you put out are going to find it if it’s done right. That’s where I come in as your freelance writer.

After they find you, your audience will expand so that people who didn’t even know they were looking for you, will find you. And when they do, you’ll have an entire “tradition of excellence”, a history of great work ready for them to discover.

So let’s get to work.

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