How To Market Your Business With Content That Has Nothing To Do With Your Business

A recent post on the Facebook page of Dailey Freelance Blogging went absolutely viral overnight. Like, far and away more reach than anything that’s ever been on the page before. It was nice. It picked up a few more followers. That’s a few more chances to reach someone who might be looking for someone who does what I do.

The funny thing, though, is the post had absolutely zero to do with what I do. It had nothing to do with blogging, marketing, web content, or writing in any way.

And yet….Ka-Boom!

Conventional wisdom says you should write about what you know, meaning focus on what you do. Promote that. But more and more, companies are posting about their business directly about 1/3 of the time. All bets are off with the other 2/3.

We can do the same with your company blog. We can post about the industry you are in, specifically, sometimes. But then we can throw in some curve balls that, though off topic, can still give your target audience a good idea of what they are in for when they do business with you.

These posts can tell people more about you than the on-topic ones. So they need to be given good consideration, well-calculated. That is part of the conversation I look forward to having with you, to enrich your connection to your public.

Send me a message at or on the Dailey Freelance Blogging page on Facebook.

Let’s do this!

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