It’s Holiday Promotion Time!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like once we reach this time of year, well, the whole thing is kind of a blur.

How are you going to decorate for Halloween?
Who’s bringing the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?
What do we get Grandma for Christmas or Hanukkah?

And that’s just at home!

If you own a business, as we speak maybe you are dreaming up some fun and spooky Halloween promotion to bring people in the door. But it gets hectic real quick after that.

  • Perhaps you want to show your clients how thankful you are for them.
  • Maybe you want to give them a gift at the end of the year.

The very first client of Dailey Freelance was a business owner who asked me to write a promotion of their services as a Christmas gift one would purchase for a loved one. Since that time of year is coming around again, I look forward to taking another crack at that for you.

Whether your products would make a good holiday gift, or if you have some other festive promotion you’d like to publicize, send me a message at and tell me about it. We’ll talk and I’ll help you roll it out.

The days are flying by! But that is only one more reason to put me to work for you. It’ll free you up to focus on all of the other end-of-year activity that is coming. Let’s go!

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