How To Show Your Customers That You Have What They Want

If you’ve followed Dailey Freelance Blogging on Facebook you may know that I have been doing an ongoing project with a local tattoo shop. The series features each of the shop’s artists, one by one. My main objective is of course to direct people who are looking to get a tattoo to this shop, but more importantly, to the artist in the shop whose skills and interests match what they are looking for.

Early on in the series I hit on the idea of asking one artist “What is a design that you have been wanting to do, but no one has asked for it yet?” That artist said “a giant jellyfish.”

When I went back to interview the next artist, I ran into the last guy in the shop and he happily reported that soon after his feature was published, someone had come in wanting to get a tattoo…not of a jellyfish, but of something very similar, I think I squid. But he’d gotten the idea from that artist’s feature.

It was energizing to me as a writer who they were paying to write for them, to find that something very specific that I had written had gotten someone to zone in on it and take the desired action.

Going forward I decided to make a point of asking each artist a similarly pointed question. Though the jellyfish was the most obvious direct link from my work to new business for my client, I have been told that since then there seems to be an increase in business at the shop.

You know the old adage about offering something people didn’t even realize they wanted? Well, I assume this person knew they wanted to get a jellyfish tattoo. But I am sure that reading that there was an artist in town who was just dying to put it on them made that client much more confident in making that appointment.

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