Working Ahead

Working ahead is not a luxury that a writer often has. But sometimes, for a brief, idyllic moment in time, a window opens up in your schedule that leaves you free to breathe, and take some extra time to let a piece percolate before you start to commit it to writing.

Sometimes, when given such a moment, you just get on a roll.

Don’t stop.

Roll with it.

You never know when it is going to happen again.

Even better if at such a time you happen to have a project in front of you that you can work ahead on. Like, say you are a professional blogger and you owe a client one post per month, but because you’ve been given this time to sit back and reflect, you’ve suddenly got ideas brewing between your ears, and you put together two, three stellar pieces to put in the can, ready to go when the due dates come around.

When things are steady, often deadlines come up and you are working under pressure. Not conducive to creativity. Not for most of us anyway. Sure, the threat of a deadline can be a great motivator for some. But for most of us, it is more like “Why did I procrastinate? I’ve got nothing! I am nothing!”

Something like that.

Anyway. You’re probably thinking, okay so you’ve got free time, and you’ve filled it by writing extra posts, so… there goes your free time, right?

No. Not really.

If you’ve taken the time to reflect, and you let the muse come to you, those two, three posts I mentioned, can come like a bolt of lightning.

It is a great feeling. A heightened sense of accomplishment, but also a catalyst for a charge of momentum to keep you productive when your schedule starts to become crowded again.

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