Dailey Freelance Spec Blogs

My father was a self-employed construction contractor. He was always in his office looking over house plans for something he called the “spec house” or going to or coming from work at the “spec house”.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know what he was talking about. Either it was a house for a family with the name “Speck” or possibly very teeny, tiny house.

It really meant that the house was “speculative”. It was something he worked on when he was between jobs. Something to have on display and put his name on.

You know, to show what he could do. Eventually someone would always buy the house.

I am planning to do a bit of that on this blog just to keep things interesting and spare you of the “blogging about blogging” bit. I am not expecting anyone to buy these, like the spec houses. But I like to hone my craft when I am not writing for clients for Dailey Freelance Blogging.

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