Letting Your Interview Subject Do Your Job For You, But Not Really

Most of the work I am doing lately involves interviewing a subject. I always want to ask questions that will take the eventual product (the blog post) in a different direction than the last.

I want to keep it fresh.

Often I go in worrying that with the questions I’ve written, I haven’t dug deep enough to get the gold. But it seems everyone I interview contributes so much more than expected.

“So they do your job for you?” you may ask.
Kind of.

I still have to ask the right questions on the spot to keep the momentum going, and I have to assemble the results into something extremely captivating in the end.

But that “more” that always gushes forth in the course of any of these interviews is what makes this such a great gig. If you are a freelancer, never underestimate the power of cultivating conversation to generate great material. Never limit yourself to one area, one path down which a conversation should go. There is more. Sometimes the conversation takes on a life of its own. It decides for itself where it is going.

Speaking of more: This blog is called the “Dailey Weekly”, and it will continue to be called that. Because I have always wanted to head a publication with that name. Corny or clever, I don’t know. It is what it is. BUT I may be posting more often than weekly going forward.

Hang in there with me.

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