The Trouble With Consistently Writing Series of Blog Posts

Okay it’s not really any trouble at all. But it is tricky.

See I like to blog in series. For a series of reasons:

  • it gives me a chance to build to something
  • it provides an opportunity to build a following (for my own blog or for that of a client.
  • it allows me to cover an expansive subject that I couldn’t reasonably do in one post.

But let’s say the series is on a group of products or services. The tricky part is covering each one equally but not repetitively. Say you want to cover how each featured item can solve a certain problem. This can lead to a series that is very similar in structure if not content, depending on the situation.

So the fun part is finding different ways to approach the same question or subject so that it is covered, yet gives each piece its own personality.

It is finding variety in uniformity.

I enjoy writing a series of posts with a theme at least, but with each piece of a different character. But series that are more of the same subject like the one on products and services tend to keep people more engaged. It allows the reader to:

  • do some mental comparison on your offerings, or
  • it just provides them a full picture of what a company offers

And if you are a business owner, that is what I am all about. Helping you build a following.

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