I’ve Been Around For A Long, Long Year

I recently marked a whole calendar year since the day I publicly announced myself as a professional commercial blogger. I made that announcement last year by creating a Facebook page for Dailey Freelance.

A lot has happened. Doors have opened at unexpected times. It has reminded me that I have always been a writer at heart though. In fact in my younger days I casually blogged for about eight years.


Not professionally.

Just for the pure hell of it.

But looking back, I can see some definite tendencies toward the kind of messaging that is employed in commercial blogging. Many times I felt inspired to promote a product or event or show.

Below are a few links to some of those oldies but goldies, with some descriptive commentary. Ignore the occasional typo in these examples, please. Remember, I was just goofing off at the time. I’m not screwing around anymore.

Having said that:

  • This is just a strong call to action post. I stated my agenda. I gave my reasons for doing so. I provided benefits of compliance.
  • This one was to report on a local event that had just taken place. It was designed to bring more attention to their agenda in case it had been missed by the general public. It was meant to go more in depth to explain it’s importance.

It is eye-opening to look back on where you’ve been and see for the first time that it pointed the way to where you were going.

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