A Few Commercial Blog Appetizers on the House

You’ve heard it over and over again (maybe from Dailey Freelance Blogging) that you need to start a company blog.

But. There is always one of those, right? But I don’t have the time. But I don’t know what to write about.

Okay so Dailey Freelance Blogging has already solved your first problem there, simply by existing.

As for the second one, you can leave that to me too. I mean, partly. I always say “It’s your business. You’re in charge when I work for you.” But we can generate some topics you’d like me to communicate to your audience, and I’ll take it from there.

I’d like to pitch a few to you here just to get your imagination working, and to show you the possibilities we could open up should you choose to put me to work for you.

Here are eight of them just off the top of my head, but once we get going you never know where it could lead:

  • Company events – A little slice of life around the office or after hours is a nice way to humanize your staff, and give potential clients a glimpse behind the curtain.
  • Community Involvement – People like finding out that they are handing over their dollars to a company that holds dear some of the same things they do. It may not be something they consciously base purchasing decisions on, but finding out your company ethic aligns with theirs certainly does not hurt.
  • Staff member spotlight features – In the same vein, this is a way to let your potential clients feel like they already know you before they do business with you.
    * FYI, this happens to be one of my big ongoing projects with a local client.
  • FAQ answers about your company – If you tend to have a niche market – let’s say you sell equipment for playing cricket – a FAQ blog post is a great way to explain certain terms and concepts. In doing so you can make your products and services more desirable to the general public.
  • Pro tips/best practices – People like to read tips on anything that improves their lives or enhances their enjoyment of their hobbies. Suppose you have a flower shop. Sharing tips on how to keep your petunias from wilting will position you as a leader in your field. My job is to research your subject, get from you the essence of what you want to say, and put it together in an engaging way.
  • Industry-specific news – If you own a comic book shop, chances are very high that your clientele are berserk about superhero movies. Blogging about upcoming films is a great way to get people talking. Before you know it you’ve got a community developing around your shop!
  • “The total and honest truth about…” – People respect a candid, honest voice. If they see your business is run by folks with a strong opinion about what you do, you will be thought of as a company of conviction, substance and integrity. They will trust you and your product.
  • Something totally unrelated! – On business social media accounts, it is common to limit posts that directly relate to the business to a ratio of one-third, and sometimes way less than that. A post like that can reflect the personality that you want to project, subtly suggesting what you’re all about.

That should be a good start to get some more ideas generating. And I guarantee that once I get a look at what you do, I’ll have a few other thoughts to bring to the table. I look forward to working with you.

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