There Are At Least Two Sides To Every Writer

I am a versatile writer. No really, I am.

I suppose in some ways it depends on how I am feeling at the time I am writing. But I can also craft a mood.

I know what you may be thinking. Isn’t that inauthentic?

Understandable that you’d ask. But I think that because I, as a ghostwriter, am not attached to your business, naturally I make it my job to distance myself from the writing, to a healthy extent. It helps me present you and your business as you are, while shining a light on the best of what you offer.

After all, I am attached to MY business – let’s be honest – and as such I want to do the very best job for you that I can.

And there is nothing I love more than creating a mood in a post.

When I just blogged to tell my story, not professionally, I wrote about disabilities issues, and spirituality. Because these two things were of the utmost importance to me, I took writing about both very seriously. But, with both I came to find that if I was really taking the writing seriously, I had to find the humor in it or I wasn’t doing it any justice.

I mean there was a time and place for it, but still…

In short, there is humor in everything (well, most things), and there is beauty and inspiration to be found in everything.

Yes. I am that kind of freelancer. It is a joy for me to dig up those aspects of the subject matter I happen to be working with.

If I freelance for you, I understand that it’s your business that I am writing about. It’s your baby. And I will fully respect your vision for how you want it to be represented. I will make that the foremost factor in crafting your message to your audience.

Check me out on Facebook (Dailey Freelance Blogging) or contact me today at, and we’ll talk about that message.

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