A Journalist in a Perpetual State of Time Warp

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, I used to make my living as a mainstream newspaper reporter.

I started out in high school, and it was only natural to write for the school paper when I went to college. So I did. Before I knew it, I landed the “dream job” I’d had in mind since I was a kid: sports reporter for the local newspaper.

As you also probably know, life sometimes happens, though.

I found myself on a different career path after a couple of years. But I did come back to mainstream journalism on a short-term basis a couple of times. Then as a pro blogger I found myself preparing myself to interview “subjects” for posts, and feeling very much like a genuine newsman again when I did.

With a twist.

Every single time I go back to writing projects that involve interviewing someone, I have to go and dig out of my closet whatever version of the hand-held portable tape recorder that I happened to use last time I needed it. I’ve have a few different versions of the tape recorder with the tiny cassettes. And the most up-to-date version of that is what I pulled out of my closet tonight as I am preparing for my next blogging client. It’s the first one to involve an interview in quite some time.

But I don’t have a tape for it.

Do they even sell those anymore?

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I find that Dailey Freelance Blogging is being thrust into the 21st century due to circumstances beyond my control/motivation to go look for new tapes.

I’ll be recording the interview on an iPad. Now, I know your heads are all going to explode when I tell you this, but here it is:

I do not own a smart phone. I know……… I mean if you’ve been to the Dailey Freelance Blogging Facebook page you may have noted the old-timey imagery I have chosen to convey a bit of my personality.

And I wasn’t kidding. I’m old school. And yet I am a blogger. I know, that’s so steampunk, right?

So I am screwing around with my iPad to make sure it’s all charged and ready to rock and that the recording apparatus performs the way I need it to. And I am having flashbacks to each incarnation of myself as an interview journalist.

So here’s to the…….I don’t know….7.0 version of me as a journalist, and to the next phase at Dailey Freelance Blogging.

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