Don’t Listen to Anyone.

Recent events have given Dailey Freelance Blogging a lift to new levels of success. As I work to keep the momentum behind my business growth, I am reflecting on how I got here.

When I first pitched the idea of going public in my town, other bloggers with professional experience implored me to start with some online blogging job banks before I put my reputation on the line locally.

With all due respect to those who’ve come before me and paved the way in the industry I now work, I did not follow this advice for a few reasons:

  • Okay, I actually did try the job banks. But I quickly found that many are counter-productive. Many of the people/companies who post writing jobs there are looking for someone to do the work for the least amount of dollars they can possibly get away with.
  • I have heard many horror stories of people doing the work and not getting paid at all. On blogging job post sites it can be easy for a job poster to pull something like that depending on how they are structured. So after reading this post if you still want to go that route, go for it, but do be aware of how the site works.
  • In order to get anywhere and build up a reputation on these sites you will have to do a load of work, for sub-par compensation (see above) on subjects of which you may not have any interest or knowledge. Granted you can cultivate that knowledge. Do the research. Don’t be lazy! As far as interest in concerned, yeah sometimes you have to suck it up and pay your dues.

I am not above that or anything. But I was impatient. I guess I just wanted the glory RIGHT NOW, you know?

And if you know some people that helps. That’s where I started. I approached every local business owner I knew personally and gave them my pitch.

Some responded enthusiastically. Some ignored me. Some strung me along for months and it eventually turned to nothing. That’s okay. When I got jobs, it felt worth it.

So don’t listen to people who tell you to go slow if you are ready to roll.

Then my wife noticed I was always talking about local businesses I was planning to pitch my services to. She saw no reason limit myself.

She’s like that.

Before I knew it I was pitching Dailey Freelance Blogging of Rochester MN to companies as far away as New Orleans, as well as nationwide organizations.

So don’t listen to yourself if what you are telling yourself is that you fit into a certain box that is only holding you back if you look at it objectively.

How else are you going to know what’s possible?

And if the North American Association of Hypothetical Scenario Enthusiasts (NAAHSE) rejects you, you can always go back to working with the likely bountiful supply of local or regional businesses that can keep you really busy if you approach it right. That may feel like a step back, but only if you are thinking strictly geographically. The potential as a commercial blogger within a few blocks of where I live is immense. It just depends on my approach.

But that is no reason to settle for being a strictly local entity. I reached out to New Orleans because frankly it was to a place that was my dream gig as a blogger. I am glad I gave it a go.

So get going, put yourself out there, and if you must take no for an answer, then know that one “no” is an invitation to a billion other yeses. You don’t know.

I know, I said “Don’t Listen To Anyone” in the title of this post. But don’t listen to me.

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