The Dailey Freelance Blogging Mission Statement

Dailey Freelance Blogging is my solo project I run out of Rochester MN. I am mainly a blogger but I offer proof reading, editing, and social media services, and I am thinking BIG! I am putting myself out there, nationwide.

When I work for you…I am doing just that. I am working for you. And I want to work with you to be sure that I get the essence of what you are trying to get across to your audience.

I want to be the voice of your company.

I want to bring your tribe to you.

I will work hard to make that happen. But I do have some areas of “particular interest” that may match what you are looking for in a blogger for your company.

I have years of experience in sports writing and other journalism.

I have a degree in history and take particular interesting in tracing the roots of things, whether it be music, sports or anything really. I am deeply interested in baseball and jazz music.

As a person with a disability I am well versed in, and passionate about the issues involved with living life from a wheelchair.

Having said that, I certainly don’t want to pigeonhole myself. But it is good to have a niche. So I am letting you know about a few of my niches. I, like you, am looking for my tribe.

Hopefully your business and Dailey Freelance Blogging will establish a mutually beneficial working relationship. Let’s talk. Check in with me at and we’ll get this thing rolling.

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