The Best Part of My Day

Okay…well, first things first, the best parts of my day, hands down, are waking up with my wife beside me, and coming back home to her in the evening.

Having said that:

Dailey Freelance Blogging is my side hustle. For a living, I am a marketing representative for an insurance agency. It’s a good job. For the most part I know what to expect from day to day. But not so much that it gets terribly stale. I can make it fun, and when it does start to feel like I am in a rut, I have just enough variety in my tasks to shake things up, and re-direct my focus.

I take what may be rightfully called pride in being the “voice” of the company. Most of the company’s marketing letters were written by me. And for a few years now, once per month, I have been writing blog posts for the company website.


Part of my job is to write interesting, engaging, and useful posts… about insurance of all damn things. I like to think I do it with style, grace, panache, and swagger.

All of that. It is actually fun. I have written some truly inspired pieces. It is…wait for it…the best part of my (work)day.

Though this isn’t a part of my recent “I’ve Been a…” series, I find that through challenging myself to blog in an engaging way about insurance, I know now that I can take any topic and pull out whatever it is about the subject that will bring customers to the door. It is one of those steps I’ve taken that have made me what I am today as a writer.

If you look back at your life you can probably find a few moves you’ve made, tasks you’ve taken on, that have made you a better writer. Maybe there are tools from those experiences that you have been using all along but never even thought of it.

Channel those experiences. Reinterpret them. Master your craft.

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