I’ve Been an Author

Blogging is just as much journalism as it is journaling, publicly. At its best it is somewhere in between. But it can take many forms, or even be free-form. Aside from being informed and well sourced when needed, should also have a story to tell.

I’ve been a storyteller. A novelist. An author.

One may blog in short form or long form. Long form gives you a little more space to paint a picture. You still need to be economical with your words, but that just means making each word count, regardless of how many you use.

In my many attempts to write novels, I had to maintain that balance, while bringing a subject to life. To make my reader feel as if they were there, like they’d lived what I was writing about. And that is a bit how it is as a blogger. You have to make the reader believe that YOU lived what you are talking about, or know what you are talking about first. Once you’ve done that you can worry about “taking them there.”

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