I’ve Been a Newsman

In last week’s installment of the “I’ve Been…” series I wrote about what writing poetry did for me as a writer, and how it made me a better blogger in the long run.

To summarize, poetry taught me structure, economy of word use, and feeling.

As a journalist, one of the most difficult things to master was, when writing about an ongoing story, giving a brief summary of all that had already been established about the story in previous articles.

You do not have to summarize anything as a blogger. But blogging, like poetry, puts great importance on economy of language. So it is very important to be able to summarize anything that needs to be grasped upfront in order to understand the meat of your post.

All news stories have to include what, who, when, where and how or they aren’t really complete. I would not have been able to work under such conditions had I not learned the discipline of structure involved with writing poetry.

And if I hadn’t been a poet, I don’t think I could have said things in such an evocative way when writing news stories about otherwise mundane subjects.

Like city hall meetings, which was one of my regular gigs.

Every blogger has worked through some gigs they didn’t necessarily know much about or weren’t too interested in. Having the ability to use colorful language at just the right time makes these jobs quite enjoyable actually.

Let’s face it. Often freelancers are hired by a business that doesn’t know quite how to make their information…I don’t know, sparkle. It takes a talented writer to bring out the color and the shape of such topics.

Having a background in storytelling, aka journalism, helps a lot.

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