I’ve Been a Poet

Though I am a professional blogger, this is not a blog about blogging. It is about writing of various types. One of those types is blogging, but we’ll get to that.

Right now I want to talk about poetry.

Blogging at its most raw is a platform to rant. Though blogging can allow the writer freedom from any particular rules of style or meter, if you don’t know how to structure your rant, it can descend into anarchy quickly. It takes discipline and detachment to look at your work and know whether you are delivering your message with grace.

Poetry can come in paragraph form.

To achieve that “grace”, it takes economy. How can I say what I need to say in the least amount of words as necessary to get the job done? How can I do that without being needlessly sparse?

In the effort to be economical, you run the risk of stripping your writing down to the bare bones. In doing so, you take away the heart. Your writing loses its color. You’re no longer painting a picture, but sketching with stick figures.

I learned how to create that balance in my writing with poetry, which I referred to as “songs.” They were for a band that only existed in my head called “Equilibrium.” Our debut album was called “Misfit’s Manifesto.”

But I digress.

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