It’s True. I’ve Been a Poet, a Blogger, an Author, a Newsman…

I decided when I was fifteen that I was going to be a journalist “when I grow up.” Little did I know that though I would do that, I’d also be the author of:

  • magazine articles
  • books (published and un-published)
  • several blogs (personally and professionally)
  • and a string of sarcastic and witty poetry, some of which I, in a fit of grandeur saw as the next “Jabberwocky” or as scathing punk rock songs.

I am now a professional blogger with my current endeavor, Dailey Freelance Blogging. I started this blog because I wanted to show you how every piece of my past as a writer has prepared me for the work I do now.

In the upcoming four-part series, which I call the “I’ve Been a…” series, I’d like to show you how, with everything I have done as a writer, I have been building toward working for you.

This is what I can bring to the table in writing your company’s blog.
This is how I can help you reach the audience you are trying to reach.

As the name of this blog implies, I plan to post an installment once a week. Hit the Follow button or bookmark this blog to keep up with the series, and beyond.


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